Tim joined Antisect in 1986, taking on vocal duties from what was then a three piece. He toured Italy and the UK with us before the effects of the our disparate lifestyles led to the band’s original demise in 1987. Throughout the time between then and Antisect’s reformation in 2011, we had always stayed in touch and it was inconceivable that he should not be a part of the reunited lineup.

Since the first one in May 2011, we have done 30 odd shows together and enjoyed each other’s company and companionship as much as we always have done. However, in December 2012 Tim told us of his intention to quit as soon as it was practical for him to do so. The set at Roadburn in April 2013 was his last show with the band.

Read on for a rare interview with him in which he explains the reasons behind his decision.

Obvious First Question… Why Leave?

The decision to leave came after my realisation that I could no longer balance the commitment required by the band with the commitment required by my family. At first I thought yeah, this something I wanna do, but as time went on it became apparent to me that I couldn’t do both in harmony. As well as being away from my family, the financial aspect of travelling to London to rehearse took it’s toll and then being away touring was a big tug on family life. So I had to make a choice of which was more important to me.

I’ve no regrets about having been involved again though, the whole experience was something I’m glad I didn’t turn down and if I was a single man and a tad younger then I’d probably still be there. The shows we’ve done since the reformation have been a real buzz. The positive feedback was sometimes overwhelming.

So What Were the Memorable Shows This Time Round?

If I have to name some, then Puntala would be one. Not because it was the first gig for 24 years, but because of the set up, the amazing venue, and the crazy Finns. Man, I though the English liked a drink…

Last years USA tour was gruelling but totally mind blowing. Met so many top folks. The show at the at the Mohawk in Texas was as good as it gets, and the people in Compton, L.A. were second to none, but they’ve all been stand out for different reasons in their own way and it’d take me days to write about every experience.

Thoughts on the “Scene” in 2013

I think it’s still strong for those who want it to be. Though I also think that music has changed and fused and there are still free thinking people who may be politically and ethically motivated but listen to different genres. I suppose I still see us as a minority.

Special Songs or Lyrics

The band lyrics have always been special to me. So powerful and are just as apt today than they were then, if not more so. They seem timeless. “Ritual” has been a favourite of my own in the current set, as I loathe the war, hatred, injustice and abuse that seems to be endemic in all religions.

Parting Shots

Whilst I’m gutted to not be able to carry on in Antisect, I know the band has always changed and evolved and will hopefully always do so.

I’d like to wish Chris the best of luck as the new vocalist . And I’d like to wish Pete, Laurence and Joe all the best for future shows. Have a blast fellas! I can’t wait to come see you play.

And with a puff of smoke, he was gone…………..